Judaicut - unique & personalized Papercuts

Michel Michael Partouche was born in Algeria, grew up in France and made Aliyah in 1974. Since then he has been working in Art (creative drawing on glass), framing and Judaica.
13 years ago Michel realized his dream to create papercuts – a favorite form of art for the Jewish communities of central and Eastern Europe.
In full cooperation with other artists, Michel gives an idea for a design and makes the drawing. It is then completed with the help of another artist. The hand drawn idea is translated to the computer and then cut by laser.
Papercuts are created through a long and loving process - producing ideas through a meticulous work on the computer.  
Michel Michael Partouche
Studio Owner. Michel makes sure that the initial idea for a papercut ends up in the laser machine, then framed using unique ideas.
Dina Partouche
Art Director. Dina takes the initial idea for a papercut, puts together the many different elements and creates the final sketch for the artwork.
Shira Ben Hamu (Michel and Dina's daughter)
Hand paints most of the papercuts once they are cut.​